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Travel For Small Biz offers suggestions, money-saving tips and strategies to help small business leaders and their employees enjoy the best that vacation and business destinations have to offer.


What if Grandma does get run over by a reindeer?

Holiday Travel Tips from On Call International

According to AAA, 43.6 million Americans travel during the holiday season. Travelers are faced with a wide variety of potential issues that could put a damper on their holiday spirits.  With flight delays, traffic problems, motor vehicle accidents, and non-cooperative weather, travel assistance services from On Call International are a must-have this season.

On Call’s services protect travelers from unexpected emergencies and expensive medical transportation costs while ensuring access to top medical care and providing comprehensive travel assistance to travelers 50 miles or more away from home.  Here are some tips from On Call International’s CEO Mike Kelly to help combat typical holiday season travel-related hazards:

  • Let's face it, as the winter season approaches, more and more people pick up the flu. Be prepared before you leave for your travels.
  • Airlines prepare days in advance to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. So should you.
  • Lost Luggage: With millions of travelers heading “home for the holidays” it is important to make sure your luggage is tagged with all of your contact information such as full name, address and phone number. (read more)

The content of this website is designed to help small business people to take it easy and work more effectively. All suggestions come from veteran travelers who pack the most into their vacations and come back better able to manage their enterprises.

At all times, the goal is to identify the itinerary that best fits the needs of the reader.

When planning a trip, it is helpful to know what others have done and how they avoided having a "less-than-perfect" time.

This site also provides strategies to cope with emergencies and those “bumps-in-the-road” that afflict many travelers.

Business travelers often have difficulty separating out from their everyday management process. This site will help them “leave the office.”

At times, travel can be stressful. Here, you will find ways to reduce this pressure.

Vacation destinations often have hidden “jewels” that make them particularly attractive to small business travelers.

The best way to make this website more useful is to provide feedback from your own vacations. 

Please email us your thoughts or suggestions.

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