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Travel Tips On How To Handle the Crowds in London This Summer

With the massive influx of crowds anticipated at this summer's Olympic Games, crime is undoubtedly going to be on the rise! Whether you are strolling through London, riding the underground, or in the hotel room, it is imperative to be on alert and prepared for the worst.

Mike Kelly, CEO of On Call International , a leading provider of medical, security and travel assistance is sharing some of his tips of the trade before travelers jet across the Atlantic this summer.

Be Street Smart: Pick-pocketers are very common in European destinations, such as London. Unfortunately, pick-pocketers are bound to happen in any large crowd environment. Kelly suggests that women wear cross body bags to have more control of their belongings, and men put a rubber band around their wallet to create resistance against their pants while site-seeing and enjoying London. Limit fancy jewelry or handbags â€" follow the local cultural standards so you blend in and are less of a target. Pick-pocketers are often well trained, so keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times.

Keep A Closed Door Policy: Most hotels across London will be filled to capacity and guests should expect constant foot traffic in and out of hotels. It is important to remember to not open your hotel door for someone you don’t know. Think of your room as your home â€" ask the individual on the other end why they need to come in. If you didn’t request a hotel bell hop to bring up towels or shampoo, its best to stay safe and communicate via phone or through the door. Don’t open your hotel door to “room inspectors” who will swipe a valuable or two as they pretend to check the “quality of housekeeping.” When leaving your room for the day, keep your hotel key with you, instead of at the front desk, and leave your do not disturb sign on your door so others think it is occupied.

Mix Up Your Money: While credit cards are useful when visiting any foreign destination, it will be beneficial to have some British Pounds on hand when in London. Don’t use an ATM machine if someone is standing around you. Kelly says, “make sure to watch out for small cameras meant to record you as you enter a PIN.” Don’t keep all your valuables in one place. In the event something gets stolen, you should have some extra cash or credit cards stored in the hotel safe or a secret, safe place. Credit card companies can provide travelers with a new card very quickly, be sure to check which cards have the best policies before heading abroad.

Protect your Passport: Your passport is the most important document to pack when traveling overseas. Kelly suggests having a few copies in different places. “I always keep a copy in my ‘overseas’ suitcase and with my family members at home. I also have a picture of it stored in my phone for emergency purposes.” Make sure you have the US embassy contact information on hand. Should the unfortunate occur, having a travel assistance membership from On Call International can help. There are several services including assistance with lost and stolen documents, which will aide in the passport retrieval process.

If any of the above happens to you, On Call International is available to help. The company provides translator services to assist in reporting your incident to the police, speedy passport services, worldwide legal assistance services and much more

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