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Healthcare Professionals Offered Travel, Work Opportunities To Ease Career “Burn-Out”

One way nurses can travel and earn money at the same time is through programs that place them in other locations for varying lengths of time.

This growing trend, accelerating as many nurses over age 50, is also an excellent way of avoiding burnout which is a recognized career issue.

While travel nursing may be a foreign concept to RNs who have held permanent jobs for decades, it does offer lifestyle and career enhancement to a workforce that experiences high burnout.

Employment studies indicate that roughly 40 percent of the RN workforce is expected to be at least age 50 by 2010. For these seasoned professionals, offering a change of environment is a way to refresh and recharge their professional and personal lives.

The opportunity is also opened to physical therapists, respiratory and occupational therapists, and technologists.

One company specializing in this arena is 50 States Staffing.  The company offers travel nursing jobs all across America.

"We give experienced career nurses access to a way of life they never thought possible: self-scheduling, flex-time, and freedom from overtime and exhaustion," said 50 States Information Technology Manager Sue Higgins. "We're focused on continued success and personal fulfillment. Healthcare travel is perfect for the nurse in the advanced career stage."

Travel nursing fits well into the baby boomer nurse paradigm, said Higgins. It empowers the nurse candidate to exercise control over working practices and lifestyle, and to find facilities where unit design, equipment and technology are optimized to ease patient handling. Hospitals that promote stress-relief through yoga and meditation and whose fitness regimens boost energy and improve stamina are common among magnet hospitals and other travel nurse employers.

50 States Staffing CEO Robert Bok said travel nursing is perfect for the experienced RN who wants to continue nursing but is finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the physical and emotional demands of the job.

Experts say today's nurse expects more from their later career lifestyle than generations before. In addition to professional development and credentialing, there's a compelling need to pursue a heightened sense of wellness and spirituality.
"Although travel nursing might not be right for everyone it's an ideal career for '50-something' RNs who want to stay on the path to physical and emotional health," said Bok.

Bok said "And in terms of retirement planning," said the CEO, "50 States Staffing has a company-matched 401(k) plan and an earnings package supplemented by free housing and health insurance, bonuses, reimbursements, and perquisites."
Web-based technology at 50 States Staffing enables the travel nurse to manage credentials and assignment details online.

"Later career nurses love this benefit because it enables them to plan around travel activities, sign-up for shifts from home, and maintain documentation and licensure," said firm Manager Valerie Podwill. "It's our way of giving back to nurses who have dedicated their lives to patient care and recovery."

For more information about travel nursing, visit, which is JCAHO certified.

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