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Tips for a Time-Starved Traveler to Disconnect from Work

With new technology, a fast-pace society, so much to do, it is hard to find a good balance for work and life. However, the following are four helpful steps for workers and business owners preparing to disconnect:

Commit to an interval versus endurance lifestyle. Rest is necessary to avoid burnout. Rest allows for long-term progress and will help you to be more productive. Rest also helps build your confidence and motivates you to continue to advance in your goals.

Identify what is a dream trip for you. The words “strategy” and “vacation” have never before been linked. We believe in investing in a vacation strategy by evaluating what your best and worst trips were and why. Next, ask yourself what has to happen over the course of the trip for it to be an amazing experience. Strategize on this and build with clarity what we call your “style guide.” Then share this data with a professional who can make sure you will travel to the right destination with the right itinerary with the right activities.

Preparation to turn off work.  In order to be able to rest properly, prepare and communicate your departure so that work does not come along with you while you are on vacation. Find ways to avoid wasting your time, like managing random e-mail and unimportant meetings. Business should be able to run smooth both internally and externally while you are away. If you make this an on-going goal and then make necessary preparations, you will be able to vacation worry-free.

Create a future dream trip portfolio. Take some time to sketch out your vacation plan for the year and even for the following few years. This will energize you. Create a future Dream Trip portfolio and collect ideas.

Those who plan vacations throughout the year accomplish more, are happier, and have more fulfilling lives.  Employers should be convinced that workers will be more productive if they take quality vacation time. If they do not, employees will most likely be sluggish and less motivated.

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